September 2019



Intro to Needle Felting

Sunday, September 8th 1-3:30 pm

Needle Felting is SCULPTING WITH WOOL!
You will be amazed at how much fun (and addicting) Needle Felting can be!

During this introductory class you will learn about the different kinds of wool, how to start your ‘shape’ and how to bring features and character to your own creation.

Classes includes a starter kit with 5 colors of wool, a large felting pad, felting needles and expert guidance by a very talented fiber artist!

You will have time to get a great start on your project – and will be able to take your kit home with you (your needles, wool and felting pad).

No experience required.

Restored Farm House Window Frame w/ Fused Glass Inserts Project

Saturday September 8th 1-4 pm

Over the year I collect old farm house window frames and restore them to a state where I can replace the old glass with fused glass sheets into the old panes. The effect of having fused glass in these frames, fired to either a full or tack fuse is fantastic. These old window frames can live a new life re-purposed into great displays of color and life.

Pricing is as follows:

1. Non refundable $40 deposit upon registration, balance to be paid at class.

2. I will remove all the old and broken glass from the old window frames, sand and restore the wood as required and seal it with a varathane finish. Window Frames are all different and each frame is priced at $17 per window pane. For example, if the window frame has 4 panes, then the restored frame cost (w/o glass) will be 4 x$17 = $68
You can select your frame at the class – or come by the studio to select it ahead of time. Frames I typically have in stock, between 2 and 6 panes.

3. The fused glass inserts (that you will design) will be charged at $35 per pane for a tack fuse or a full fuse. Glass pricing includes all glass costs, kiln firing and labor to fit, insert and adhere your glass into your frame. I will insert your fused glass panes into your selected frame prior to you picking up the final project. Your finished frame can be displayed inside or outside! Not every pane needs a fused glass replacement either. It’s OK to leave some panes blank.

Glass Fusion Experience is required (you must have taken our ‘Into to Glass Fusion’ or equivalent to take this class)

Glass Fusion Drop In

Saturday, September 14th 1-4 pm

Make your own glass fusion project. Make a set of coasters, a new fruit bowl or a sun catcher – its all up to you! We have a great ‘book of ideas’ with fantastic step by step instructions on all kinds of glass fusion projects – or better yet – come with your own idea. Pinterest is a great place to get some fantastic ideas in the Fused Glass Art section!

Prerequisite: Intro to Glass Fusion or prior Glass Fusion experience

$12 Drop In Fee + Glass Cost

Intro to Glass Fusion

Sunday September 15th  1-4 PM

No experience required… and you will get 2 Fused Glass Drink Coasters and a 6″ Dish or Votive at the end of your experience.

Our “Introduction to Glass Fusion” class takes you from a newbie Glass Fuser to mild mannered expert of sorts. We’ll cover all the safety requirements, the various kinds of glass we’ll be using and practice on all the different tools yu will be using. This is a ‘hands on’ class.
This class is a pre-requisite to all other glass classes we offer. All tools, glass, safety glasses and instruction are included in this great introductory class.